Top 10 Travel Careers

Are your two-week vacations just a tease? If the rate-race is slowly killing your spirit, or you just need a shake up, you might consider a career that allows you the freedom to explore the world as you work. You can work and live anywhere in the world that has an internet connection if you travel-size your career. Below are the top ten travel-friendly careers.

1. Teach English

Countries around the world are looking for native English speakers to teach English as a second language. All you need is a 120 credit hour TESOL or TEFL certificate and a Bachelors degree in any subject (some schools don’t require this but most do). In just a month you could be equipped with a skill set that will remove your geographic boundaries and provide you an opportunity to live anywhere. Oftentimes your housing and expenses are paid for on top of your salary. If you’re serious about teaching English and want to read more I recommend the guide, The Secrets to Teaching Overseas From Practicing Teachers. Also, you can teach English online. This method doesn’t usually require a TESOL certificate but does require that you are a native English speaker. VIPKID is currently a leader in this category. 

2. Consult

If you’ve worked, you have experience in something. Can you channel your background into a consulting business? Can you guide or coach new business owners? Do you have a background in marketing, sales, import or export? There are new expat business owners around the world that could use some help. 

3. Telecommute

If you like what you’re doing why not pack it up and take it with you? Most careers really are telecommute friendly, the trick used to be to convince your employer that this method works. However, with COVID this hurdle has gone from olympic height to something a Chihuahua could clear. Your pitch is key, which is why I recommend you read, Work From Home While You Roam. The book helps fine tune your pitch so you can address all of your employers concerns before they have a chance to consider what they are.

4. Blogging / Freelancing

There are travel writers, copy writers, journalists, bloggers, freelancers, PR writers, content creators, technical writers, grant writers, and god knows how many other specialties. You don’t have to choose one, you can cross platforms. Write about topics you have speciality knowledge in, or are very passionate about. Find your niche (or two) and build a platform and reputation on it. Make it unique so you stand out to editors and readers. Be yourself. You play your cards right and you just might land some comped hotel stays and adventure tours. 

5. Location Independent Business

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, opening a business abroad is often much less financially scary. The start up capital required is often a fraction of that in the states. I started Adventure Guru the best online adventure platform for beginners. We capture the coolest outdoor activities around the world on video and create short 30 sec adventure trailers and plop them on an interactive map so you can find cool stuff to do near you! Before that I owned a publication company.

6. Picking up What You Can on the Road

The brave and adventurous land in a new land in a new country with the expectation they will also land work. Farm work, apple picking, grape harvesting, hostel management, and restaurant work, are just a few examples of jobs nomads often score.

7. Working on Boats

There is an entire community and way of life through boat living/working. You can staff a boat and see multiple countries, receive free room and board (or pay a minimal daily fee of $10-25 nightly for food and fuel), and transportation in exchange for a few extra hands. Whether you're scrubbing, sanding, sailing, cooking, or catering, you're doing it in the sun, salt water, and ocean breeze! To learn about landing a job with a cruise liner check out Work Onboard Cruise Ships. Below are a few of the most popular sites used to find work exchanges or even paid gigs on boat/ships. 

Find a Crew (the largest resources)

Desperate Sailors

Latitude 38 

Crew Seekers 

8. Online Work

No less than five years ago every time you saw a commercial about earning money while working from home, it was a scam. Today, it’s crazy to not consider working online, even if it’s just part time. There are a variety of jobs available ranging from administrative work (like virtual assistants), to design work, buying and selling on ebay, marketing, IT, mobile developers, web design, listen and review music and / or podcasts, data entry, medical coding, accounting, programming, podcast talent, audio / video editing, photo editing, and more.

9. Nursing / Medicine

With just a couple of years of nursing experience you can qualify for a travel nursing job where all of your benefits, sick leave, PTO are paid for in addition to a competitive salary and often rental assistance in each new city you get to explore during 4-6 week contracts. In the past nurses got to have all of the fun, but today there are all sorts of medical professionals being picked up by travel staffing companies. 

10. Teaching / Tutoring 

If you know how to do it and are passionate about it, why not teach it? With video conferencing, webinars, and online schools popping up in every specialty why not hop aboard? You can teach a language, an instrument, basic subject (math, chemistry, science), or a vocational skill (automotive technology, mobile program development, how to use photoshop, etc.).

This list isn’t anything close to exhaustive. You are only limited by your creativity, motivation, and experience. If you want to see the world, set up a plan to mobilize your income and make it happen.