10 Fun Nature Hacks

Being an outdoor junkie is one thing, having nature hacks up your sleeve in the event of an emergency or random badassery is another. Knowing which spiders don’t bite so you can pick them up and hand over to your friends as a party trick is just the beginning. Below are ten hardcore nature hacks starting with fire.  

FIRE is often the difference between life and death. It’s also a great way to unite campers.

1. Lent inside a toilet paper roll kindling- Finally, a purpose for all of that grimy lent that you incessantly pull out of your dryer. Save it up with your cardboard toilet paper roll trash. Simply fill the middle section with lent and voila you have a match ready light fire starter. If you want it to last a bit longer, add some Vaseline to the mixture or sop up cooking grease with the lent.

2. Doritos or Cheetos as Kindling-  Not just the flaming hot flavor either. The fat content in both of these chips makes them very flammable. It’s probably better on your waistline this way. 

3. Alcohol Swabs as fire starters- You’ll find these in your handy first aid kit. In a pinch rip one open and light. You’ll have a high flame for about 30 seconds - 1min. Now a'days with COVID everyone seems to have antibacterial gel, that stuff is super flammable and it makes a cool blue flame! 

4. A Crayola crayon can be used as a fire starter and will burn for 30 minutes!


5. Superglue stitches- Super glue is small, light, and easy to carry. It can “fix” all sorts of things including your lacerations. If you slice your finger with a knife or other object the most important thing to do before closing is clean it out thoroughly. Irrigate with clean water. Once you’re certain it’s clean, pinch almost all of the way closed, apply glue along the “seam” then fully close and hold until the clue sets. You’ll feel pressure and a throb but this is normal. Butchers have been using super glue to close their on-the-job cuts for decades. 

6. Mapping your route with arrows from rocks/sticks- When your hiking path forces you to choose a way look around for sticks and rocks and create an arrow on the ground pointing you towards your way back. 

7. Finger Day Light Count - Figuring out how much time is left to hike in the afternoon can be tricky sometimes. You don't want the night to fall and get lost getting back to your campsite or car. Don’t worry, there is a hack for that too. Put your hand up in the sky and place it right below the sun. Count the number of fingers it takes to reach the horizon from the bottom of the sun and multiply that by 15. Each finger counts for 15 minutes of light left. 


8. Beer/Can Popcorn- Pour some popcorn kernels into an empty beer can about ¼ of the way full. Then add some popcorn/olive oil, and place the can on the edge of the fire. Allow the kernels to do their thing until the pops slow down to more than a couple of seconds apart. Cut the can in half and chow down.

9. Coffee Tea Bags. Pour coffee grounds into a coffee filter and then tie it off with dental floss. That’s it! A portable coffee bag that can be used just like a teabag

10. Natural Mosquito repellent- Throw some sage in the campfire